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The 7 Universal Laws of Hermetic Philosophy

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This is an essential course of our Quantum Living Series. We begin our metaphysical journey here, with what are known as the 7 Main Universal Laws that govern energy on all plains of existence. Timeless wisdom that has been preserved and passed down through the elegant aphorisms of Hermetic philosophy. Each section has been thoughtfully designed to simplify the sometimes complex concepts of metaphysics that are necessary if one wishes to understand how the laws operate, as well as how they effect our lives. Discover the hidden keys that will unlock this ancient storehouse of wisdom as you work with us at your own pace. We look forward to sharing with you through our live interactive lecture videos, and optional sections where the student can read the content or experience it all by listening to our pre-recorded podcasts that include all written material covered, as well as lectures and applicable methods discussed throughout the course Having a fundamental understanding of the Universal Laws will provide you with the the basis of wisdom that is rooted in all the sciences. A two month website subscription ( worth $110) is included with the cost of this course. We want you to have access to all the additional resources we offer to further your conscious expanding experience with The Quantum Academy of Art & Science. Enjoy our weekly articles and online community forums where we host live events to answer specific questions and share in the quantum journey together!

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