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The Quantum Academy of Art & Science is passionately dedicated to supporting the enhancement of the human experience.

We strive to provide the best educational and therapeutic experiences that are available today, intended to cultivate health and prosperity for all of our students. 

Our classes focus on nurturing that special space within, where inspiration and willpower fuel our dreams and the drive to achieve them.     We teach through the expressive mediums of art and compassionate communication, while maintaining steady progression rates with measured principles of science. It is an honor to offer our guidance as you explore what becomes possible when mental, physical, and e-motional health aspects are brought into balance naturally, providing a lasting foundation for your greatest dreams and ideal life to be realized.

The Quantum Academy looks forward to sharing our wisdom and expertise with you on all the ways you can improve your life with our leading edge research studies, practical methods, and enjoyable class environments that have been successful at helping our members reach new levels of joy and peace in their lives.

We offer private consultations; 1-on-1 training for in person or online sessions; live and recorded interactive educational programs; as well as stimulating community platforms that provide support and camaraderie for everyone to enjoy. 

As we communicate through the cohesive languages of art and science, we are taking quantum leaps toward improving how education, personal health, and the conscious evolution of the world is being experienced. Please join our efforts and share your journey of success as we pioneer a new path forward with innovative methods for learning and personal advancement that bring about thrilling improvements for anyone seeking to elevate their life experience.

As a member of The Quantum Academy of Art & Science, you will be provided the tools and guidance that will help you ultimately increase mental aptitude and focus towards achieving your goals.

The Quantum Academy also excels at providing Occupational Therapy for those in need. With a compassionate and patient approach, we assist anyone who may be suffering with cognitive impairments due to Concussions, Alzheimer's, ADHD, Dementia, PTSD, Depression, Sleep Disorders, and ADD. Please contact us directly to learn more of how we can be of service and support.

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Home: Welcome

"Our classes focus on nurturing that special space within, where inspiration and willpower fuel our dreams and the drive to achieve them."

-Quantum Academy Professor & Neuroscientist Christian Gale

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